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Knowing the best download speeds for streaming is important. Streaming has become an essential aspect of the entertainment industry. Most people use streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and others to enjoy TV and movies.  However, streaming also applies to other forms of entertainment like gaming. All streaming services rely on the internet and download speeds. But what is the best download speed for optimal streaming?

Best Speed? It Depends

Figuring out what speed you need for the best streaming experience can vary. All streaming services have a required download speed for them to be used. Furthermore, it all depends on what you are streaming. The best way to understand what download speed that you need is to determine if you are a basic, moderate, or hard user.

Basic Users are people who stream services like Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and similar streaming services. If you are just using subscription libraries, you will need speeds between 3 to 18 Mbps. Faster download speeds lead to better quality. If you have a Standard definition, you can use lower speeds but 4K requires higher download speeds.

Moderate Users are people who have subscription services but also use live streaming services like Twitch. As a result, moderate users have to consider upload speed alongside download speed. The suggested speed range is between 3 – 50 Mbps in regards to download speed. In addition, you want an upload speed that ranges between 3 and 41 Mbps.

Hard Users have the qualities of basic and moderate users. Hard users typically do online gaming. As a result, the download speed needs to be fast. Most users need around 50 Mbps to get high-quality streaming.

Depending on the type of streamer you are, your download speed with vary. After you figure out the Mbps that you need, you can talk to your internet providers to find the best deal. However, there are still ways to optimize your internet speed once you bring it home.

Improving Internet Speed at Home

Improving your internet speed at home does not take much. Most of the stuff you can do comes at no cost. First of all, you need to find the best place for your router. Wi-Fi has a limited reach and is often blocked by physical obstructions like walls and furniture. Furthermore, radio signals can disrupt your connection. The best location for the router is in the center of your home and elevated.  Another way to improve your internet speed is to switch your Wi-Fi frequency band. Modern routers have 2 types of frequency bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Each band works better for certain connections. You also can prune your connection to devices that are no longer in use.

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