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Many factors go into developing for iOS. Since its initial release in 2007, iOS has become a large mobile operating system that is used by millions. As a result, anyone wanting to develop an app or streaming channel should know how to develop it in iOS. So, what makes iOS so popular? What factors go into its development? Finally, what are the benefits of developing this operating system for your app or channel?

History of iOS

First of all, what is iOS? iOS is a mobile operating system that was created and developed by Apple Inc. This operating system is exclusive to Apple products. As a result, it is found in iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads. It is the world’s second-most installed mobile operating system, with Android taking first. In addition, the iOS system is the basis for three other operating systems in Apple products. These branching operating systems include iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

Since its release in 2007, iOS has been the base operating system for all Apple. As a result, many companies develop their apps and channels to interface with iOS. Due to this, the Apple Store has 2 million mobile applications. This makes developing for iOS essential to having success on your mobile app or streaming channel. So, what are the benefits of using iOS?

Benefits of Using iOS

Many benefits come from developing your apps and channels in iOS. First of all, you have access to a larger consumer base. While Android has 75% of the smartphone market, Apple has its advantages. In addition to having a large base, Apple makes applications more affordable. This means that your app and channel have more access to paying customers. Furthermore, using the iOS operating system also allows for better customer service and easily interfaces with Apple.

Apple allows many apps to reach developed countries markets. Apple products are found in Europe, Japan, Australia, and other nations. As a result, your app or channel has a better chance of reaching foreign markets. Adding high security, secure transactions, easy testing, and the predicted growth of the Apple company, it would be unreasonable not to develop in iOS. However, what goes into the development progress?

Developing for iOS

To properly develop an app or channel in iOS, there are a lot of basic requirements. These requirements include:

  • Mac System
  • Register for an Application Developer Account
  • Installation of Xcode

After gathering the basic requirements, you need to set up the right environment for iOS Development. This means learning the Xcode interface before even starting development. That is not all though. You have to understand Apple’s Design and Development guidelines. All of these can be overwhelming, especially if your company has no experience in the development of apps and streaming channels. However, Johnston Howse has everything you need for your iOS development.

Develop iOS Apps and Channels with Johnston Howse

Johnston Howse is a professional broadcast media company that brings world-class media networks for your clients. Our extraordinary team has the experience and dedication to provide best-in-class broadcast media for our large clientele. For those looking to develop mobile apps or live streaming channels,  Johnston Howse can save you the time and effort it would take to develop iOS by yourself. In addition, Johnston Howse will help manage and support these systems for you.

Contact Johnston Howse to start developing in iOS!

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