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Tizen, is a Linux-based operating system, that major TV brands use such as LG and Samsung. This software is used in a variety of products such as TVs, watches,  and other wearables. In addition, Tizen is open source which enables just about everyone to develop for it. With millions of devices using the software, it benefits companies by being on the platform.

Benefits of Tizen Development

Today, Tizen is one of the top operating systems in display products today. In addition, it has been around since 2015 in Samsung TVs. The OS offers tons of content, apps, and features other operating systems do not.

As we know, OTT devices such as Apple TV and Amazon’s Firesticks are gaining new users every day.  With this software in an LG TV, you make the TV a smart TV and capable f streaming all sorts of channels without an outside device.  That is millions upon millions of LG and Samsung TV owners looking for content every day. By developing a streaming channel for Tizen you are expanding your audience significantly.

At Johnston Howse, we are fully capable of developing OTT streaming apps for the system.  In 2020, LG shipped 26.2 million TVs and Samsung shipped 49 million TVs.  These are some pretty big numbers to put your content on.

Streaming Channel Development

If you have a great show, podcast, broadcasting platform, and you want to get it out to the people a streaming channel will benefit you greatly. By adding your content to as many streaming platforms as possible, like a Roku, you are increasing your exposure greatly.  Whether you are building the next great broadcasting network or a social media platform, Johnston Howse can help.

Johnston Howse can develop the perfect plan to help maximize your reach in streaming.  From Tizen development to Apple TV development we can handle it all.

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