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Fire TV OTT Channel Development is available at Johnston Howse!

Video streaming services provide hundred of channels to explore and watch. As a result, Over-The-Top (OTT) services have saturated the market. There are many streaming platforms available. Roku, Apple TV, and so much more! Amongst these popular services is Fire TV. In addition to having the largest user base amongst streaming platforms (40 million users), Fire TV can integrate into most technology.

What is Fire TV?

As mentioned above, Fire TV is the largest streaming platform available. This service was created by Amazon, allowing you to connect your TV or monitor to allow access to TV shows and movies through streaming services through apps. These streaming services include Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and other streaming companies. It works like other media players, using a device to connect through the HDMI port. Fire TV then acts like its own operating system. With its current interface, it has its homepage with free or subscription-based TV shows and movies. As a result, Fire TV initially could turn a regular TV into a Smart TV.

Since its release in 2014, it has expanded into different versions of the devices and TVs that have the operating system built inside. Regardless of the version, Fire TV is an entertainment system that reaches millions. This is why having a Fire TV channel can be a major benefit for businesses.

Benefits of Having a Fire TV Channel

Considering that this service has over 40 million active users, it is clear why your OTT channel should be on this streaming platform. OTT services have become an important avenue to distribute your content.  By having a Fire TV OTT channel, you can provide streaming services, VOD, live streaming, podcasting, and other broadcasting methods. A Fire TV channel will allow your services and business to be marketed to a large audience and provide an easier format for people to enjoy.

OTT Channel Development From Johnston Howse

When it comes to developing OTT services, you can trust the professionals at Johnston Howse. Our company provides the best-in-class, high-quality broadcast media networks for clients. Our team has decades of experience that allows them to provide world-class services and development. Throughout your project, Johnston Howse will be with you every step of the way. From project management to execution, our clients can expect excellent support.

Johnston Howse uses cutting-edge streaming and broadcasting technology to help clients reach millions through all forms of broadcast media.

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