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Multi-platform development has become popular. Also known as cross-platform, developing this type of system has been beneficial for users.

Multi-Platform Development

Multi-platform defines specific software that was developed to work on multiple operating systems. Many common applications use this type of software. A great example is Microsoft Word, which can work on Windows and Macintosh. Since it can work on both operating systems, Microsoft Word is a cross-platform software. Another example of a multi-platform system is video games.

Many games have a multiplatform system to allow games to be used on a variety of gaming consoles. The accessibility to the same software on multiple systems has become more important over time. However, there are specific platforms that utilize this development process the best.

List of Platforms

In February 2022, there was a report that demonstrated the most popular multi-platform web properties in the United States. We will be using this report to show a few platforms that thrive because of their versatility. Many major companies on this list that most people interact with on a daily basis. However, all of them have a multi-platform structure.

At the top of the list for multi-platform web properties are Google sites. Although Google Search is the most recognizable, there are multiple platforms to Google. These platforms include YouTube, communication services, and other online services. Furthermore, Google is accessible on most operating systems. This includes Windows, Macintosh, and iOS. Other website properties that are seeing success with multi-platforms are Amazon, The Walt Disney Company, Apple, and many more.

All of these properties have platforms expand to mobile devices, PCs, and OTT services. However, multi-platform development can be a challenge to create and manage.

Multi-Platform Development with Johnston Howse

When it comes to delivering best-in-class broadcast media networks, Johnston Howse can do that and more! Johnston Howse is capable of building and developing  OTT services and mobile applications that can function on different operating systems. Our clients will be able to maintain a larger customer on multiple operating systems. So, contact Johnston Howse today!

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