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OTT development and its impact on the current marketplace are significant. In the digital market, Over-The-Top services have become a constant in everyday life. While in the past, television and cable networks were the only way to get your entertainment. However, OTT is changing the streaming market forever.

What are Over-The-Top Services?

Over-The-Top services refer to any type of video or streaming media that provides access to movies and TV shows by sending the media through the internet. Some of the most popular OTT services are Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+. All of these services use the internet to connect media to viewers. OTT companies have an app, website, or page that allows the subscribers to access these services.

Benefits of OTT Services

First of all, OTT services are extremely popular. It isn’t hard to believe considering the biggest Over-The-Top service is Netflix. These services are always evolving and changing for consumer demands. Unlike traditional media, OTT services have no commercials. As a result, people can have access to movies and TV shows without interruption. Well, unless you are using Hulu. Then you need to pay for a premium subscription.

However, unlike cable, you are not limited in what services you can have. You can subscribe to Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu without having the choice. That means you have all the options you want. If you want access to Psych and Ozarks, you get a subscription to Netflix and Prime Video. It is that easy.

Finally, you have multiple ways to access these services. You can use your smart TV, an application on your cellphone, and your laptop.

OTT Development and Services at Johnston Howse

Interested in developing your own OTT service? Well, Johnston Howse has the solutions you need! With the Over-The-Top market expected to rise to $194.2 billion, it’s the best time to get into this market. Our company can create and develop an entire Over-The-Top plan that can benefit your company the most. Johnston Howse can create user-friendly websites and a content management system. Furthermore, we provide access to reliable Content Delivery Networks!

Our company also creates custom streaming channels for Roku and other streaming services. Why wait to create an OTT service? Contact the professionals at Johnston Howse Today!

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