From start to launch
Major Cancelations to Manage
Concurrent Viewers Streamed
Attacks in 24 hours
Time to automation
FrankSpeech Logo Concept
Brannon, Mike, and The President

Web Design

The initial launch included a battle tested version of the popular open source content management system, Drupal. This was meant to be a temporary solution as we designed and developed a new platform, better suited to the social network features the client wanted.


Mr. Lindell had the foresight to understand the coming attacks and traffic to his new media website, FrankSpeech. As such, our team drew from their deep expertise in Enterprise and built a multi-region, carrier grade set of clusters managed through automation using the full suite of Hashicorp tools.

This approach allows Mr.Lindell to not only operate on his hardware, the service architecture can make use of public clouds, private clouds, anywhere a service architecture can be deployed, FrankSpeech can run there.


The public cancelations are widely known and publicized. Here are a few that have never been made public. These happened between the time Mr. Lindell announced his intention to launch a social media website, and the launch day.

In no particular order:

  1. MailChimp – Almost immediate
  2. Equinix – This cancelation was 2 weeks before launch. We no longer had a data center.
  3. Fastly – Fastly legal sent an email stating they were made aware of our intention to provide content delivery services for Mr. Lindell’s FrankSpeech launch. Doing so would be a violation of their terms and that was it. We went back and forth to no avail. This meant as of Friday afternoon, with 2 days before launch on Monday, we had no way to deliver video at scale.
  4. to be continued.

Support Team

When you launch a new platform with influencers that need to be trained, users that need help, and a ton of traffic and press – You NEED a strong, competent support team. We were fortunate to identify, hire, and train a 6 person support team in just a few months time. The services included live support 8am ET to 8 pm PT, extensive knowledge base created manually and using automated processes to convert customer support tickets to knowledge base articles. And much more.


It was not easy. We have a voicemail that will tell the whole story. Once edited we’ll post here.

OTT Channels

Developed simple suite of OTT applications. Roku approved. Amazon denied. Apple denied. Samsung/LG approved.

Content Delivery Networks


Data Centers

Multi-region network

Project In Photos

We had a lot of fun helping Mike create FrankSpeech and Lindell-TV. See some of our memorable moments below.