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At Johnston Howse, we believe the future looks bright for Roku. We highly recommend Roku Development for any business. Every year, the user base for Roku grows larger, and having your content in front of more eyes will generate more sales.  In addition, it will generate more brand awareness for your business and products.

Why The Future Looks Bright

Roku on the stock market is considered a communications stock.  Roku in the field of other tech giants like Apple or Amazon offers set-top streaming devices. These devices can make even older TVs act like smart TVs.  The advantage they have over Apple, for example, is they are significantly less expensive than an AppleTV device. $99,99 for Roku versus $179.99 for AppleTV.

Another advantage for Roku is it has fewer limitations than other devices. For example, Comcast’s Infinity Flex makes you cancel existing subscriptions and then repurchase them through their ecosystem. In addition to the actual devices, Roku is now being offered inside many Smart TVs as well.  As of this writing, Roku has 38% of the market share in the United States and 31% in Canada.

Roku Channel And Its Future

In 2017, Roku also launched its very own channel.  When first launched it did not have its own programming. But since that time they now offer Roku original series that can only be found on the channel. In 2020 revenue for Roku increased 58% from the previous year. In addition, revenue and stock prices are predicted to go in 2021. With more users every day, the future looks bright for Roku.

When it comes to delivering your content to potential clients, a streaming service channel or advertising is a great way to accomplish that goal. At Johnston House, we can help you develop a channel for Roku or other streaming services that will benefit your business. Finally, contact us today, and see what we can do for you!

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