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While in the United States, iPhones and Apple products are the latest crazes. But globally, android and Android TV has a huge percentage of the market. Nearly 70% of the market belongs to Android-based devices.  While iOS is only 28% of the market.  The Android operating system is used in a multitude of devices such as computers, phones, streaming devices, and tablets. Android TV has over 110 million active users a month.

Android TV

Originally, Google offered Google TV which was then shut down in 2014 and replaced with Android TV (ATV). The main difference was that Android TV was much more developer-friendly and could offer way more apps through the Google Play store. Similar to Apple TV,  Android TV can be installed on TVs, tablets, streaming devices, and many other devices.  This makes the operating system very versatile and easy to develop.

This operating system allows for the integration of Google Assistant, so devices can use voice recognition to find what you are looking for.  Imagine walking into your living room, asking Google to turn on the TV and play the local news. This is all possible.

Adoption and User Base

With more and more users turning to ATV each month, the audience is growing at a fast rate. To benefit your business, you should have a streaming channel on Android that will provide millions of users with your content. Your first step to accomplish this goal is to contact Johnston Howse.  At Jonhston Howse, we can develop a full plan for your company to provide OTT programming to any of the major streaming services.

These services include Roku, Android, iOS, Tizen, and many more. In addition, we can develop a full mobile app to deliver your content to users on the go.  Any way you want to deliver your content we can help. From podcasts to news shows, we can help deliver your content to the right users.  Contact Jonhston Howse today!

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