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From streaming devices to new streaming platforms, VOD (video on demand) and live streaming are bigger than ever.  From Roku to Amazon Prime Video, there are all types of services that provide content for its users.  If you are a content creator or business looking to step into this market, contact the professionals at Johnston Howse today.

The Difference Between VOD and Live Streaming


VOD Example

In the beginning, when TV was your only form of video delivery, you needed to be at the TV when that particular show aired.  Eventually, the VCR was released which gave people a little more freedom to record shows and watch back when they wanted. After that along came the DVR, and with each step, users became less dependent on the need to watch the show live. Now, with a Roku or Amazon Firestick, you can watch any show at any time.  Removing the need to record shows.

The videos you watch on these services are VOD. You can watch every episode of Seinfeld on a weekend if you wanted. In addition, the VOD offers you complete freedom to watch at any time. Also, you can pick and choose you are no longer at the mercy of TV Networks. Of course, all these videos have complete media controls, so you can fast forward or pause at any time.  As a business owner have your content available for users at any time gives you a great advantage over your competition.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming is used for events, shows, podcasts, and a variety of media content. Many events these days provide a live stream to viewers.  Also, these videos are in real-time and encourage interaction from the viewers such as comments or chat. Whole sites such as Twitch are built around live streaming. The great part is you as the content creator is not tied to a TV network, you can provide the stream on any device with an internet connection.

The big difference between live streaming and VOD is live streaming is well, live. So if there are technical glitches, errors, or anything else that goes wrong your entire audience will see it. Where a VOD will be edited and produced to your exact expectations and have more polish to them overall.

Professional Video Services

At Johnston Howse, we can help you send your content through VOD or live streaming. No matter if you are looking to supply content on a streaming service such as Roku, or looking to stream live events each week, we can help.  We have servers that are dedicated to delivering a great experience to the users quickly and efficiently.  In addition, we use some of the best content delivery networks (CDN) in the industry today.

Finally, when it comes to taking that next step for your business, contact the professionals at Johnston Howse today!

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